We hope the below information will be as accurate as possible, but since we are quite keen on making as many updates to the app as possible, the below might get a little outdated sometimes - we would appreciate your help in letting us know when we are missing sections, or not being clear about certain functions.

In order to create a Session, you can Choose Create Session from the Home screen or from the Current Sessions screen via the Plus(+) icon.

Once created you can fill in your buy in, rebuy and end amount.

Text Notes (unlimited) and Audio Notes (unlimited) can be created, named and stored against each session, so you can track particular events of interest during that game.

The Start Time and End Time can be altered, so past events can be added in.

We have no limits on how many sessions can be currently open / created. You can run several concurrent sessions, even monitoring poker games you are playing on the iPhone.

Once a Session is closed off, it is available from the Tracking Section.

All Closed Sessions are available from the Home screen and can be reviewd and deleted if required.

We offer comprehensive stats. From the Tracking Screen, you will immediately see your Top 10 Wins. If you turn the screen upside down, you will find your Top 10 Loses!

If you turn your screen in either right / left landscape position, you will find a breakdown of each session type by Month, with accumulated totals and averages per month so far.

This can then be drilled down into each month where all related sessions can be viewed from a higher level, seeing the ROI and per Hour earnings amoungst other helpful information.